Quilting bees are small groups of quilters who meet on a regular bases. The guild has several bees who meet one or more times a month. These meetings are a combination of quilting and social activities. Belonging to a bee is a great way to learn quilting skills and develop close friendships. Contact our guild beekeeper Christine Schmelebeck if you are interested in joining a bee.

Bear Threads
Membership Status:

The Bear Threads Bee was founded in 1999 by Aileen Talton. We originally met in her home and had limited space. After Aileen passed away, we began meeting in each others homes. We exchanged ideas and techniques and of course deserts. Later we moved to a church in Beaumont and now enjoy a lovely spacious place to sew and enjoy our projects. We enjoy each others company and have shared sorrow and happy times together. We go on shopping excursions and field trips. We supplied the Block of the Month for two years. We have contributed to several charities, homeless veterans, Boys Haven, Etc. One of our members; Theresa Jordan is a heart transplant recipient and we made and donated a heart quilt to be raffled by the Heart Transplant Association. Of course we have Marge Campbell who makes lots of cute doll clothes for the Guild around Christmas. We have kept our member to ten and if someone wants to join they are added to a list and when we have an opening, the first name on the list is asked to join.

Blockhead Bee
Membership Status:

Date of formation lost in the mists of time, but could have started as far back as 1979. Mavis Luquette remembers when she joined as 1984. Today the group is Mavis, Linda Mathews, Jerry Kelley, Linda Taliaferro, Carolyn Slack, Renella Deloney, Dot Collins, and Laverne Mathews. We fondly remember past members Norma Clubb, Pauline Smith, Betty Johnston, Gloria Gaar, Jessie Dickerson, Robin Campbell, Mary Ray. Our group made "My Stars! It's a Baltimore!" for the Houston International Quilt Festival in 1993. We often make trips together, most outstanding was flying to Montana with Hugh and Jerry Kelley in their plane. Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Paducah, Dallas, Galveston, etc, and just plain ole shopping in Houston many times. Beach trips to Linda Taliaferro's are a regular occurrence. Projects are always ongoing, and we are open to any new ideas for pleasurable quilting. We have done programs for the guild on Amish quilts, color studies, and Round Robins.

Friendship Bee
Membership Status:

This bee is probably the most loosely organized bee the guild has because we are a group of friends (all members of the guild) who live in Longview, San Antonio, Fredericksburg area, Jasper, Port Arthur, and Port Neches. We get together at small retreats and large quilt shows, travel together when we can, and visit each other when we can. We have no regularly scheduled meetings or projects - but we have done several projects together, including small quilts to exchange, group round robins, block exchanges, and we have made two quilts for guild auctions. We have been meeting irregularly since our first small retreat on the Angelina river in January 1997. We were all working then. Now that most of us are retired we seem even more busy and we meet even less frequently. Hopefully that will change in the future because we love each other dearly. It is a wonderful group to be a part of!

Girl Gang Bee
Membership Status: CLOSED

We are now in our 4th year and 32 members strong. Each year Jan Patek provides us with a block of the month, recipes and projects. The 2010 quilt is "Sunny Days". Belonging to this bee means: road trips, sew days and retreats. Our 2011 auction quilt "Country haven" won an Honorable Mention at the 2010 GTQG Quilt Show in February. The GG meeting/workday is on the second Thursday of each month.

Ladies of the Evening
Membership Status:

Ladies of the Evening was formed September 2009 and was named by Sarah Hawes which we all agreed to. We are a learning bee, learning from each other. we are working on a quilt for the 2011 Auction. We meet when we can as we all have full time jobs

New Members Bee
Membership Status: Open to new members of guild

The New Members Bee was formed to help new guild members learn more about guild and quilting. Any GTQG member who is new to the guild (within the last year), to the area, or to quilting is welcome. Guests considering joining the guild are also welcome.

Raggie Mae Quilters
Membership Status: Open

The Raggie Mae Quilters meet the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Spurger Baptist facilities in Spurger, Texas to learn the craft of quilting. "Raggie Mae" is a nickname for one of the younger quilters in the group who has Cystic Fibrosis. This group has committed to making one raffle quilt a year to donate the proceeds to the CF Foundation.

Round Robin Bee
Membership Status:
Formed: 01-2007

The purpose of the bee is to make a quilt block for each person in the group. Each person chooses a block and is assigned a month as a due date for receipt of her block. Each of the other members in the bee make a block for that person using their fabrics. At the end of the year, each person in the bee has 12 blocks ready to assemble into a quilt. There are no designated meetings; the delivery of each month's blocks are completed either before or at the quilt guild meeting.

Sew Piecefull
Membership Status:

Sew Pieceful Bee had 8 Mid-County members. We have kept our bee small so that we may meet in our homes and so that we may take occasional road trips together. We have had a challenge within our bee for the quilt show every year. Our latest challenge was to make the Blooming 9-Patch quilt which will be entered din the 2008 quilt show in the un-judged category. We went to the quilt shop, chose the one fabric to begin and each member added her own choices to complete the quilt. Some, but not all, members are now exc hanging batik fabrics, choosing that one common fabric that may be used in any way and any pattern. Each year in January we exchange small wall hangings or miniature quilts. We are exchanging in such a way that at the end each of us will have a quilt from each member. For the past two years, we have gone somewhere for lunch for our exchange. We made a quilt for Boys Haven and we have made a quilt for the auction each year.

Happy Scrappers Bee
Membership Status: CLOSED

Happy Scrappers Bee was organized about 1995 for the purpose of using up our stash and promoting friendship between members. Limited to 30 members, HS meets in members' homes, churches, or library-type settings hosted by the various members. Meetings are once a month, where members may work on one of the 3-5 Bee projects which were proposed by members at first of the year. To learn more and view some of our many completed projects.

Visit our Website Happy Scrappers Bee

Treasured Friends
Membership Status: OPEN

This bee is a good mix of a working bee and a social bee. Meetings are Thursdays (except Guild Thursdays) from 9 am till 1 pm. Meetings are a mix of project work, socializing and of course breaking for pot luck lunches. They also plan outings to quilt shops and quilt shows. This bee also makes quilts for the guilds auctions, for charities and trades blocks with each other so that at years end, you have enough blocks to complete a quilt.